Smiley photo at Midtones with white shirt and jazz bass

Thank you for visiting my website! I am originally from North Muskegon, Michigan. A small city that sits near Lake Michigan. I began my pursuit of music there in 1993 when my friends had received electric guitars for Christmas and then convinced me to learn bass guitar. At the age of 13, I decided that I really enjoyed the process of learning music and joined the high school strings class when I reached 9th grade. There I poked around on an upright bass for four years, but spent most of my time learning rock and roll songs and playing with the rock themed pep band for varsity basketball games. Throughout high school I played bass with my group in a battle of the bands, house parties, and even bar one Sunday evening in 10th grade.

Nearing the end of my high school career I auditioned for a local hard rock group named Dirt Farm. I was the youngest in the band at 18 years old while the founding members were near 30 years old. With Dirt Farm I had my first experience in a recording studio. We drove down to Chicago where we recorded on to reel to reel tape. Dirt Farm ended up shelving the album due to creative differences and started a working cover band named Whitey Deluca, specializing in disco and r&b music. Whitey Deluca was my first experience where I would earn income on a regular basis. Whitey Deluca changed members throughout the years and lasted from 1997 till 2001. While in Muskegon from 1997 – 2003, I played with jam bands, progressive rock bands, folk music, more cover bands, wrote comedy music, played with the college orchestra, and taught a few lessons. I performed and recorded for a hip-hop/rock group in the city of Ypsilanti, Michigan in the early 2000s. The five of us decided to move to Los Angeles in 2003.

I arrived in Los Angeles in May of 2003 with 4 other band members. Within the first two years our determination and team work allowed us to record one album and play many popular clubs. The band fizzled in 2006 and I was off to play in Los Angeles on my own terms. Since 2006 I have played many shows with many different music groups. I earned an Associates Degree in music from Pasadena City College. College allowed me to revisit the upright bass and learn how to play it with more precision and proper technique. I have made a musical home for myself in the South Bay cities of Los Angeles County. I am continuing to meet countless amounts of talented musicians in the Hollywood area as well.

2017 was one of my most active years to date. I helped arrange and record music with a group called Prosthetics. I recorded as a hired bassist for a blues band, 3 singer songwriters, a reggae band, and a hard rock band. I am currently teaching a couple students beginning guitar in the San Gabriel Valley where I live.